Watercolor wonders

Step into the realm of the Studio's artistic inspiration.
Each stroke on canvas tells a story, laying the foundation for a few of our newest pieces. Created across various stages of the jewelry design process, these paintings capture the evolving nature of our concepts.
Experience the fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, a celebration of beauty in both brush and gem.

melon mania

Step into the playful world of Melon Mania, where vibrant watermelon rind patterns and controlled water techniques dance on the canvas.

This lively painting exudes whimsy and creativity, capturing the joy of experimentation.

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Step into the enchanting world of the Bananaland —a tropical beauty that brings paradise to life.

Bold, broad brushstrokes capture the majestic banana tree against a sun-drenched coastline, while vibrant leaves exude vitality.

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Strawberry fields

Introducing the enchanting Strawberry Fields, a captivating ode to simplicity and natural beauty.

In this quick-sit painting, the essence of a serene strawberry field unfolds with grace. A charming farmhouse peeks through the sky-blue strokes, harmonizing with the tranquil landscape.

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