Our team designs and produces everything by hand.

Take a look at each step in our production process below, starting with the + in the top left corner.

Our process

1. Digital Render

Planning out every detail using 3D modeling tech.

2. Wax Carving

Building a physical wax model of the design.

3. Casting

Creating a mold, liquifying Sterling Silver, and casting the piece.

Fun fact: to liquify silver, it must be heated to more than 1600°F.

4. Plating

Applying 5 rounds of coating with white or yellow gold to the silver for extra shine and protection.

For the white gold, rhodium is added to boost the appearance and durability.

Fun fact: Rhodium is a precious metal that costs around 2x the price of gold. What can we say... it's worth it.

5. Assembly

Putting the components together to form the final product, ending with a rigorous quality check.

6. Polishing & Done!

Refining the surface of the piece to achieve a smooth and shiny finish. The piece is finally finished, and ready for our collection.