Always precious.
Always flawless.

ICEBOLT keeps it simple. Our recipe has just 3 ingredients.

Base material

925 sterling silver

Gorgeous, versatile, and effortless, 925 has been the best base for milennia.

No green skin, irritation, or other BS.


14k gold

For a stunning appearance that lasts longer.

5 coats of white/yellow gold are electroplated on every piece.

set stones

flawless cz

Cubic Zirconia marks the intersection of quality, beauty, and ethics.

VVS clarity, as brilliant as a diamond, and lab-created, CZ is ideal for everyday wearing.

Only an pro jeweler or a diamond tester will know the difference.

Other Materials

Our team skillfully sources any and all precious metals & stones from our trade HQ in Jaipur.

See below for our most popular swap-ins.


To pass a diamond tester, moissanite is the best option, short of diamond.

25% higher brilliance (white light reflected), and 58% more fire (rainbow colors) than CZ.


Speaks for itself.

GIA-certified and available with any cut, clarity, color, and carat weight.