The ICEBOLT Studio Graduation Bear Pendant: A Stylish Tribute to Kanye and Murakami's Iconic Album Cover


Graduation Album CoverKanye West's Graduation album cover is one of the most iconic and recognizable in hip hop history. 

But how did the Graduation bear come to be? And what influence did it have on ICEBOLT Studio's Graduation Bear pendant?


The Design of the Graduation Bear

The Graduation bear was designed by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Murakami is known for his colorful and whimsical artwork, which often features cartoon characters and pop culture references.

Inspired by stadium tours, rock music, and house-music, Graduation marked a departure from soul-based sound of West's previous releases as he musically progressed to more uplifting compositions.

For these underlying reasons, Murakami wanted to create an image that was both playful and powerful. He chose to use a bear because bears are often seen as symbols of strength and determination, while the bear's confident pose conveys his sense of accomplishment and freedom.

The Influence of the Graduation Bear on ICEBOLT Studio

The Graduation bear has had a significant influence onpopular culture, and it has been referenced and parodied countless times. It has also been a popular source of inspiration for artists and designers.

When designing the Graduation Bear pendant, ICEBOLT Studio wanted to create a piece of jewelry that captured the essence of the original image. The pendant is made of high-quality sterling silver and features a detailed and vibrant rendering of the bear, hand painted using enamel oils.

If you are a fan of Kanye West or if you simply love beautiful and unique jewelry, then the ICEBOLT Graduation bear pendant is a perfect choice for you. It is a stylish and meaningful piece of jewelry that you will cherish for years to come. Buy the bear pendant here.

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